As a factory direct store, we control the whole cycle, from manufacturing to a final sale, thus we can adjust our product to meet different demands. Without intermediaries, no extra cost between business and third-party vendors, we can provide lower prices than other sellers in the market. 


We design and produce a wide range of products including fittings, foam filters, vacuums, kitchen stuffs and some other original home decorations which cover multiple brands and types, help customers easily find the compatible replacements in our store.


We are committed to building a shopping store with good quality, good logistics, and good service.

Smart Warehouse

Our warehouse is supported by the most advanced robots and warehouse management software in the industry, which helps save a lot resources in terms of effort, costs, and time. The use of smart warehouse enables us to have a fast order processing, ensures a correctness rate of 99.99% in picking and great inventory control to thrive under increased customer demand.


Robots used in the smart warehouse are powered by battery, and the electricity consumption of ten robots only amounts to that of one bread maker. Besides, energy is also saved as no light is required in the warehouse during the operation.



Fast Shipping

The order processing efficiency of smart warehouse is 4 times that of an ordinary warehouse. Within 30 minutes after an order is placed, the package will be ready for shipping. This saves time from the first step of delivery. Stable cooperation with a number of logistics companies also helps us to deliver parcels to customers in the best and fastest way.